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About Looking For Bride

Mail order brides are a phenomenon that has always been connected to beautiful Russian women. Later, people started to use it in regard of Asian and Latin American ladies.
Why would a westerner need to order a bride online, and why from underdeveloped countries? Russia is a great empire, but it mostly comes to several big cities, all the others live in poverty.

Since Russian women are very smart and skilled, with a huge potential, they start seeking new possibilities abroad. Modern girls do not consider a man their full-time provider, rather a companion.
Such a union has many advantages for all sides. A girl receives new chances in life, in all areas including a social circle and job opportunities, while a man enjoys her perfect femininity and care.
Are you a kind of person who still needs a woman’s care? Some westerners are too independent emotionally, they think a female role in the family should be equality but not motherly care.

Mail order brides

Well, Russian brides are perfectly combining that. They do work and participate in a family budget, but they cannot skip the domestic responsibilities that bring them pleasure, such as cooking.
Thanks to their multi-functional nature and outstanding beauty, Russia girls remain classical mail order brides how we understand that. They seem to never lose their popularity among western singles.

Mail order brides and relationships date advice

Dating internationally differs a lot from local affairs, especially when it comes to mail order brides from underdeveloped and developing countries. The level of responsibility is different.
On one side, it’s easier to be in a relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian woman and even to marry her, since she is far less demanding than a western girl. They do not know their rights in a new country.

Never they suggest to sign a premarital agreement, they consider this non-romantic and embarrassing. They know how to keep the family expenses low and still look stylish and eat well.
Because of their strong survival instincts and modesty, if to compare with western females, Russian women are the most compatible with farmers, hunters, fishermen, simple men who live in the countryside.
It also helps to indicate from the beginning in your profile this kind of simple professions and occupations, in order to weed out the commercially thinking women who want fancy lifestyle.

relationships date advice

You will still have plenty of options since only trustworthy girls will keep on contacting you. However, there is also a harder part connected with Russian mail order brides, it’s about the adaptation.
No matter how smart, talented, patient, and helpful they are, but they’re foreigners anyway. Just realize that it will take time, and a lot of your energy to assist them in this long adaptation process.

Questions and answers

Is it safe to choose the most beautiful Russian girl on the site?
It often appears that popular model-looking girls are even more lonely and trustworthy than women of average looks.

Why are there many single mothers on Russian dating apps?
In Russia, girls typically get married earlier than in the US, but men often happen to have bad habits and lots of disrespect so the couples divorce.

Are 18 y.o. beauties in Russia sincerely interested in westerners?
Russian girls get mature and serious very early. Yet, some of them want gifts only, so always re-check.

What kind of job can a Russian bride do in my country?
They often choose to be babysitters, dog walkers, caregivers to seniors, hotel hostesses, and if they speak some decent English, then junior assistants in offices.

Can a Russian girl pay for her flight herself?
You should really go for other Eastern European girls if you want that, not many young Russian girls have a sufficient salary.

Are Russian women as sexy as they seem?
Yes, thanks to a certain mix of genes and ethnicities, Russian women are extremely passionate.

Where do I date in Russia?
Moscow offers the biggest variety of single girls, but also a bit high prices so try the towns around Moscow, and smaller cities like Perm, Krasnoyarsk, etc.

Where are the nice resorts in Russia?
Sochi is definitely a nice resort, and now all Crimea is added to the list. It is less militarized than the news say and it’s quite safe there.

What are some of the cons of Russian girls?
Sometimes Russian women are too attached to someone they love, and should be taught the definition of personal space.

Top sites and apps for mail order brides dating


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How does a mail-order-brides dating differ from other online chats?

The mail order bride service is always more structured and better organized since the level of responsibility is higher. Such platforms gather exactly serious-minded women who are ready to get married.
Some men’s critics that Russian women only need the Green card, is useless, and here is why. The USA and other western countries have a strict visa regime, foreigners cannot stay there without reason.

So, it’s understandable that Russian girls cannot stay with their beloved in the US just as girlfriends. It’s not a foundation for longer staying. Only marriage gives such a right, if two people want.
Recently, smart and independent Russia women start finding the alternative ways to getting a Green card, so a man isn’t the only salvation for those who want to live better life. They study and find jobs.

modern Russian women

There is also an annual Green card lottery in many Eastern European countries, so it shows modern Russian women aren’t that desperate. They really want love and warm reliable relationships.
Being used to the webcam girls all over the Internet, men often try to be naughty with Russian mail order brides as well, and some of them respond, but the majority show the most decent behavior.

What are good first date questions?

• What is your first kiss rule?
• Do you have close friends who got married to westerners?
• What are your views on sex in a couple?
• What would be your first place to see in my country?
• How will you fight with being homesick after marriage?
• Do you enjoy dressing nicely at home?
• Which rights and freedoms does a person lose after marriage?
• Would you work as hard as you do in Russia if I lost my job?
• What is going through the thick and thin in your understanding?
• How often do you feel the need in love making, if all goes fine?

What are good questions to ask a Russian girl you date?

• How do you see us in one year, three years from now?
• Do you enjoy planning a vacation or a weekend getaway for a family?
• Are you introverted or prefer big companies of friends always?
• What would you ask me about if I suggested to cancel all secrets?
• What excites you in me the most?
• How would you optimize our meetings?
• Is there anything I can do for you and you’re shy to ask?
• Are you really ready to any challenges we may face in future?
• Which lover skills of mine should I improve?
• What new things would you like to try in a bed in future?

How to make sure the mail order bride platform is legit?

The first thing we need to understand, the time of tricky and commercial online dating in Russia is over, these beauties grew open-minded enough to really want a lifetime relationship with a foreigner.
Some of them indicate they’d prefer a European man, while many others don’t mind any nationality as long as a future partner is serious and reliable. Russian women want safety no less than we do.

Yet, there is always some risk in online dating, so it makes sense to analyze things and test the personalities you communicate with. A good mail order bride site does have censorship and moderation.
It should be easy to report a suspicious account once you spot one, get the girl’s direct contacts on demand, open all site features freely after the subscription. Take a closer look at girls’ profiles.

risk in online dating

There should be a healthy balance between professional studio photos and casual pictures on the site. If only one type prevails, the platform can happen to be of the low quality. Photos tell us a lot.
It’s completely normal when the site mostly represents beautiful girls photos made in some glamorous studio, as beauty and sexiness are catching the eye a lot and attract many male pretenders.
At the same time, there should be some girls who date separately from the local agencies and place their own selfies in the profile. Also request many selfies during chatting and correspondence.

But it also matters how many girls contact you hourly, whether their messages look generated or personalized, whether they disappear after very direct questions and suggestions, and so on.
After just a few days spent on the Russian dating site, you will be able to determine whether it’s legit or not, and make your final conclusions. Top dating blogs are helping to use the best sites only.

How soon should I marry my Russian bride?

Some men are afraid the competition is too big when a girl is super beautiful, so they propose literally on the first or the second meeting. They are right, in a way, but the balance is important in everything.
There should be some time to get to know each other, unless the situation is urgent. For instance, there are men who need a girl to help them with the kids from a previous marriage, or with a sick parent.

In any case, it makes no sense to correspond for a year or longer, seriously hoping for further marriage. How desperate and unpopular a girl should be, to wait that long? Let’s see the examples.
If a girl is too sexy and gorgeous, some local love or a spontaneous meeting with another foreigner can happen even when a girl has the best intentions and is willing to wait faithfully.

Russian bride online

There is a big chance she will wait for you though, if she is very busy with her work. And most of decent Russian women are. But there are other dangers in this case, described by dating experts.
Right after finishing the education, a man has all chances to grab a girl and make her a housewife somewhere in Arizona, but if the time has passed and her career goes up and up, the chances decrease.

If a woman is a simple worker in Russia, she may become tired to solve all her everyday issues with the help of stressful work while her beloved is so far away and doesn’t help at all, living his own life.
So, it’s only healthy for a couple to get married after 6 months of constant chatting, with at least 3 meetings prior to the proposal. If this rule of 6 months is followed, the relationship promises to be strong.

How to prepare my family and friends to my Russian wife?

Luckily, today marrying a woman from Russia doesn’t seem such a problem as decades ago. In the past, most of westerners associated Russia with mafia and vodka, but the country changed a lot.
All cities outside of Moscow can be called non-criminal and quite safe, while modern Russian women are such open-minded smarties who continue self-development day and night, 24/7.

It became typical for Russia girls to get two University educations and then proceed with various professional courses, psychological master classes and workshops, including the spiritual and sexual practices.
For example, a girl may graduate from the Moscow Art Academic Theater or a professional modelling school, earn some money as an actress or a model, and join a serious Juridical Academy.

woman from Russia

Sexy models in Russia are also getting a second education as physicians, school teachers, lab workers. That’s why these outstanding women are often called super humans with two brains.
Such a complete package of best qualities in one girl makes it the best argument against the fears of man’s relatives. But then another question raises, if she is a professor, what will she do on our farm?

This should be solved in each particular case individually. People change their priorities with time. Women with two educations whose kids are grown-up already, may want some peace in a countryside.
While for very ambitious young girls, it’s better to get married to someone from a bigger city, such as New York or Los Angeles. They’ll find good occupations there and contribute into the family budget.

Success stories about Russian mail order brides

“I met Irina in Chelyabinsk, Russia after getting acquainted online. I flew to her during my vacation and wasn’t even sure if she will appear at all, but she did. We liked each other immensely.
Since her father used to visit the USA for business, he took her with him on the next trip, and we established a wonderful relationship all together. I didn’t mind that he was testing me as a person.
Irina was only 22 when we met, and extremely beautiful so of course he wanted some insurance. They saw that I live in a good big house, go to work daily, and have great perspectives for our future.
Most important, I was willing to have kids and they said foreigners rarely want that. So, our interests matched a lot, and very soon we organized a very nice wedding. Irina’s dad helped with the cost.
I find my experience more than positive, and recommend Russian mail order bride sites to all singles I know. Some of my friends have succeeded as well, and it’s just a beginning of cultures merging”.

Russian mail order bride

“My story is quite interesting since I chatted with Russian women for years, almost a decade but I never progressed in that until I met Masha. I immediately knew she was my soul mate, I sensed that.
I must confess that I still chose to chat with a few other girls, being afraid of illusions that may have blinded me. But all of them seemed shallow in comparison with Masha’s messages and personality.
Finally, we met in her city, Orenburg and she was even better in person than on the photos. A true Slavic beauty, like from old Russian paintings. I decided I’ll cherish her no matter what.
Now Masha is my sweet Russian wife and we travel together a lot. She is very smart and I suspect we will run a common business together. My parents are fascinated by her, and so am I.
I think Russian dating sites open big possibilities to singles from all over the world, since western women do not possess such a valuable femininity anymore. I encourage everyone to join”.