November 25, 2020

In a today world, nearly everybody is hookuping. We love our freedoms and we do not bother to build very complicated long-term relationships. Why do girls try to look virgins then?

It raises their value, so we shouldn’t blame them. Just weight carefully what the girls say about their past and present sexual life, using these hints from the real women.

“I am telling to each lover I have that I’m inexperienced and with just a minimal sexual life so far. Otherwise, even casual partners get jealous and insecure, so I avoid the truth.

They gain more confidence if I let them think they’re exceptional, they’re the only ones who seduced me so easily with their physical data and personality. They feel much better then”.

“I have noticed guys do not appreciate when I’m saying I have had many lovers before. They don’t like me to go out every night and have hookup, even if we’re together just for one-night-stand.

I love them to be passionate with me, so I started to hide the real facts. I do not give a direct answer when they ask, or tell them I had been with one partner for a long time”.

Absolutely not! Although there are many men who are drawn to pick-up artists, the vast majority of them would never think of robbing a bank or committing sexual assault.

For that matter, neither would they want to hurt other people, even if they are just engaging in some sick sexual fantasies.

They simply don’t have the skills to deal with women who need a little more “tricks” (verbal or physical) in the bed. This is why luxury escort agencies are so valuable.

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