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May 13, 2020

Best tips from other daters

Are they shy or straightforward?

What do they like in the morning?

Some lifehacks from Russian brides themselves

Close your eyes for the others

Present cute gifts, not expensive



Best tips from other daters

We all find hot mail Russian brides fascinating, but don’t we want to hear their now-husbands from the US in order to learn how to conquer those beauties, and how to succeed in marriage?

Other people’s experience is always an essential part of our own happy path. Knowing more about such sexy women as Russia girlfriends, guarantees our love victory and a stable partnership.

Are they shy or straightforward?

Western men who dated beautiful Russian women for a long time and then married them, are warning other pretenders these hotties are classically feminine so they happen to be shy about the intimacy.

Although not as timid as Asian brides, they never reach the point of being too straightforward like German or Swiss women. They express their desire, but there are certain ethical limits for them.

So there’s a piece of advice for men who want a sexy Russian wife, do not be overly open and persistent at once. It’s exactly the reason why they reject bold Turkish men or even the locals.

If to always keep it moderate closer to the soft romance than to naughty vulgarity, your Russian mail order bride will fall in love completely and consider you the most gallant guy in the world.Russian relationships and marriage

What do they like in the morning?

No one knows better a Russian girl’s morning habits than a man who already lives with one. So, lucky husbands are telling us that typical Russia cuties don’t like jogging or exercising very early.

But they don’t like unhealthy strong coffee to the bed either. Instead, they really like a glass of the orange juice after sleep, a nice quiet talk with kisses, and exercises can be done in the afternoon.

But most of all Russian mail order brides love the morning sex. Surprised? By statistics, a man’s body is also the best prepared for sex in the morning, and Russia hotties share this secret weakness.

Now you know how to always keep your Moscow love in a great mood, and go to work with completely recharged batteries. Practice your morning lovemaking daily, and don’t forget the oranges!

Russian mail order brides

Some lifehacks from Russian brides themselves

Women interested in western dating and marriage, also want to contribute into their own and their peers’ personal happiness. So they share the best tips on Russian relationships and marriage too.

Dating experts say there’s no better recommendation than one from the object of our desires. No one will tell us better what they like, what they fall for, and what are the real keys to their hearts.

Close your eyes for the others

Do not notice other girls, even the most model-looking, when you go out with your Russian beloved. They are very, very empathetic and intuitive, and shall always notice that so all shall be ruined.

It’s not that Russia girls are jealous like some of the Latin brides, no, they are very balanced and fair. But they’ll be sincerely upset, as more as Eastern European women remain quite idealistic.

In the west, people got used to no strings attached relationships and complete freedom, they may even exchange partners. Remember, Russian brides are from a conservative country and they believe in love.find hot mail Russian brides

Presentcutegifts, notexpensive

It’s also within western standards that courtship requires costly presents. That’s also why men are stressed to date the locals. But we also tend to be afraid of the same thing while dating in Russia.

It’s a very typical situation when a man presents crazily expensive shoes or a piece of jewelry and then freaks out that a girl is just a scammer. Hey, so do not present such things from the start.

In fact, beautiful Russian mail order brides prefer cute and even a bit childish gifts, such as heart-shaped balloons, small teddy bears, any kinds of little trinkets and souvenirs from your country.

Just imagine how relieving such an option is for your budget. In addition, your sweet bride will be pleased and happy, while you will have no reasons for being suspicious or meany. Stay positive!

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