Russian mail order bride cost
May 27, 2020

How to save on the basic needs?

Is there free entertainment in Russia?

How much do I spend on mail order bride apps?



How to save on the basic needs?

Travel dating isn’t just a pleasant occupation, it requires thorough planning. The first thing we need to plan, is the budget of our trip. Is it possible to keep the cost low when the trip is romantic?

If some exotic countries we visit for hot girls, are unpredictable and can empty our pockets, a trip to Russia is definitely easier to manage. Prices in this country are fixed, and girls used to live modestly.

The farther you go from Moscow, the more down-to-earth the girls are. In city suburbs, and smaller towns Russian women are already happy enough if their boyfriend isn’t homeless and jobless.mail order bride services

So they’re completely ok to cook at home together once you come, or eat out in a local or Chinese restaurants that are pretty cheap. It saves your expenses for food considerably, from the first day.

It doesn’t look like Moscow airports would ever offer the low-cost flights. If you want to save on the flight too, travel to Ukraine instead, there are lots of Russian and other Eastern European women.

If you’re visiting for a long period and don’t want to bring a lot of clothes and shoes with you, don’t worry, there are extremely low-priced stores and open markets in Russia with such a stuff.

If you really try to find a humble and simple mail order bride from Russia, she’ll be gladly be your guide and help you to buy anything you need at the lowest cost making your trip even more pleasant.


Is there free entertainment in Russia?

We all want to have some fun, even if we came to some country with the most serious intentions. Doesn’t matter if we date a young girl or a mature lady, they might crave some entertainment too.

Well, Russia still offers free events of culture and fun territories to visit at no cost, although such things are nearly impossible in the west or Europe. There are parks, squares, big national parks.

In all of them, the attractions are free and the cost of ice-cream or beer is purely symbolical. People just get rest and enjoy each other’s company, which you will surely do with your Russian beloved.mail order bride from Russia

A zoo in Moscow, and in many other big cities is huge and interesting while the entrance is inexpensive like in Soviet times. There are small modest cafeterias and romantic benches for kisses.

Finally, everyone knows about Peterhof in St. Petersburg. It’s in the top of must-see places in the world. It costs the coins to visit it, but the impressions then last the whole life. Your Russian girl will enjoy.

Many girls online come from small provincial towns not from central cosmopolitan cities, so you’ll surprise them with Peterhof sightseeing as much as you’ll be surprised yourself. Be sure of that.

Moreover, lots of western men use exactly this unforgettable location for proposing to a girl. The place looks so majestic that a bride is normally impressed even without an expensive ring accompanying.


How much do I spend on mail order bride apps?

As you have probably noticed, almost none of mail order bride services are completely free. They all charge little something in order to work well and cover all expenses of the team.

However, free trials are available everywhere, so always go for this wonderful option and meet as many women as you can for those days or weeks. It’s a very practical solution for singles.mail order bride apps

In general, it makes sense to chose low-budget or middle-priced Russian dating apps and sites, not pay-per-minute platforms but rather those based on monthly payments for the subscription.

Try to avoid the sites with a complicated, non-understandable system of payments. If all is plain and clear, you’ll manage your finances easier and the outcome will be much more satisfying.


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