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June 3, 2020

What makes Russian girls so awesome?

How to date Moscow women safely?

Does a sexy model from Moscow make a good wife?


All singles want a good decent partner, smart, and intelligent, but let’s not hide, sexiness always comes first. People who say the beauty ends and a good listener is needed forever, are either old or hypocrite.

Exactly Russian mail order brides will always remain the most popular, since their natural sexiness breaks all possible records. How come they’re the most desirable women on Earth?

Dating experts say, it’s a lucky combination of qualities that we see only in Russia. It’s really hard to find such a complete package in any other place on Earth, and it isn’t an exaggeration.

What makes Russian girls so awesome?

If you never dated Russia women, you have probably seen Russian models, singers, actresses on TV, in the magazines. These hot girls also live and work in different countries, so it’s easy to get acquainted.

Strange but when it comes to naturally sexy yet sportive shapes, Russian girls can be compared to African beauties. They also grow to be sex bombs without any plastic surgeries or artificial processes.

However, Russian women are white, or Caucasian, and extremely intellectual. Not all African girls can be that educated. So what you get is a white top model with brains and a soft loving heart.

No wonder lots of men ask, if that is real at all? Why would such a beauty be interested in me, especially if I’m an average man? There’s a true phenomenon connected with Russian brides.women online russian

The absolute majority of them are down-to-earth and can easily get their hands dirty if there’s a need in gardening, repair works, thorough cleaning. They look like princesses yet behave like Cinderellas.

Since their childhood, Russian women learn that their beauty won’t bring them benefits, as all other girls around are pretty too. So they just accept it as it is and keep on living modestly.

There’s no such a definition for Russian females as an average man. They simply consider a man a family leader, as well as a leader in all other spheres even if he doesn’t have big achievements.

It’s a patriarchal thinking, and it basically makes Moscow girls so traditional and valuable. None feminism has power over them. However, some caution and common sense are always needed.brides from Moscow

How to date Moscow women safely?

Travel specialists often repeat that big cities are riskier than provincial towns. This rule works for Russian dating too. Although very modest and decent in general, girls are more spoiled in the capital.

Office workers and restaurant administrators, private school teachers, private doctors and other talented women who work in the highly commercial environment, tend to adopt the western thinking.russian date one

It means they’re more after shopping, high-class services, luxurious travelling, fancy weddings, than girls living in suburbs or in the countryside. If your budget is limited, choose the provincial girls instead.

But, experienced daters manage to date safely in Moscow as well. After all, exactly this city is a leader for cougar dating as lots of mature women there are successful business ladies interested in westerners.

So, the best way to hookup or marry in Moscow is to either date a provincial girl who doesn’t have cosmopolitan habits, or a rich mature woman who attends five star nightclubs and restaurants.

Does a sexy model from Moscow make a good wife?

Since many western singles come to Russia exactly with the purpose to find a good life partner or, saying romantically, a soul mate, a few words should be said about these women’s daily habits.

They absolutely love cooking, and are famous for their nourishing cuisine. They love getting up early, making a breakfast for their man or for all big family, and even cleaning well before going to best date russia

During the day, Russian brides love calling or texting their man and surprising him with lovely photos and confessions. In the evening, they either cook something delicious quickly or make sandwiches.

They consider daily love making and satisfying a partner their sacred duty. Never shall you hear about the headache or see them lazy in a bed, as Russian women are the most passionate and tender.


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