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June 26, 2020

Top historical facts about foreign brides

The beauty of Russian women has become a legend long ago. Mostly thanks to this quality of theirs, rather cold and non-progressive Russia became such a popular travel destination.

The definition mail order bride appeared long ago when there was no Internet yet. Marital agencies or independent matchmakers were holding the base of singles and helping them to correspond.

Since the base contained personals from different states or even countries, a woman was called a mail order bride. She was coming from far away to live with a man, like if he ordered her by mail.

The first women out of the west who became such brides, were Filipina during the war times. But, when Internet appeared and united us all, Russian mail order brides became the leaders.

The high demand from men made them very popular, as western females proved their ignorance and too feministic moods. They stopped to take a great care of themselves unless it’s for their high jobs.

Classically pretty and devoted Russian women seemed to be the perfect alternative, and they still remain so. Millions of happy international marriages took place since, and created the positive statistics.

Russian mail order bride

How to differ a mail order bride from other categories?

There are so many dating apps and sites, dozens if not hundreds of them contain the photos of beautiful Russian girls. Are all of them mail order brides, or just curious single personalities?

Right, a woman can be called a bride only if she plans to get married. If she has any other search purposes such as hookups, sugar dating and finding a sponsor, online flirting only, she isn’t a bride.

The easiest way to be sure about the girl’s matrimonial intentions is to find her on the marital dating app. Why would she join the mail order bride platform if she wasn’t a future bride herself?

However, not all marriage agencies provide the protection against scammers. In such cases, a man should use his own wisdom and experience, which raise rapidly if he follows good dating blogs.

There are some basic hints that may help you detect whether a Russian girl is a mail order bride. Does she mention her qualities and capacity as a housewife in her profile? Does she have cute cozy photos?

Does she send long substantial messages to you? Does she seem thoughtful? Does she discuss your upcoming meeting in depth? If all answers are yes, then congrats, you have chosen a bride correctly!

marry a Russian woman

How to marry a Russian woman

Marrying an Eastern European girl is easier and at the same time, harder than dealing with a local woman. Easier, because they’re less demanding and normally do not expect the golden mountains.

And harder, because they live far away, come from another culture, so you may need costly tickets, a fiancée visa for them, and a lots of patience for the whole period of adaptation.

Many couples went through that though, and modern Russian women are not as helpless as we expect them to be. It’s a norm for them to work at simple jobs from the first days of their of Russian women

They start to realize western men aren’t all princes, and those men do have their own daily problems. Russia brides are definitely great supporters and their partner’s biggest fans, so calm down.

However, many of them dream about a very romantic emotional proposal and at least a little modest wedding among their family and friends. So it may require two ceremonies, in your and her country.

Otherwise, it’s a very pleasant and relaxing process. You will see yourself that sexy Russian women are great organizers yet they value your opinion and consider you a highly respected leader.

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