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June 26, 2020

Top mail order bride sites present single girls from 50+ countries. Why do Russian brides remain the leaders in this list, and the participants of the happiest success stories? Let’s see below.

Why are Russian women so beautiful?

Such an advantage as model looks, often makes western men wonder. Why all women in marital agencies so perfectly beautiful? Is it even real, and is there any commercial interest from such beauties?

But once a man travels to Russia, he sees that slim and stunningly hot women are a norm for this country. They walk on the streets, fill the city transport, and impress with their beauty on every step.

So really seems to be their natural genetic trait, and there’s no trick about that. Moreover, Russian and Ukrainian women love looking fashionable and feminine without any special occasion.

When you see a gorgeous girl wearing a fancy babydoll dress, do not be in hurry to suspect her. She did her best to look like that on the photos and to meet her prince charming as soon as possible.

Russian women so beautiful

What kind of women signs up for being mail order brides?

Statistically, very young 18+ girls and mature 35+ women prevail among Russian mail order brides, although all other ages can be found as well. Such age groups are easily explained by the experts.

In Eastern Europe and especially in Russia, girls get married early. It is considered ok to have a first baby at 20 and a second, approximately, at 28. Young girls are committed to find a partner quickly.

Programmed in such a way, they get involved with locals around 25 if didn’t succeed to meet a foreigner. Others get focused on their careers or small businesses, staying out of the dating scene.

Both categories, already-divorced girls and single businesswomen, re-gain their interest in the international marriage after 30. So they gladly register on mail order bride sites and apps.

mail order brides

Why do they want to leave Russia?

This fact especially surprises Indian men and any others who see Russia idealistically. Nope, it’s still a country with huge political and economical problems, and a very severe climate.

It’s a killing combination for beautiful women, especially with all the local guys who prefer hard-drinking and staying jobless. No wonder Russian brides want a normal happy family overseas.

Men who are afraid they’re just a source of the Green card, should know that Russian women also readily marry Europeans, Asian men, Turkish men. The main thing for them is a man’s kind heart.

Of course, these gentle and delicate women do get homesick at times, but they easily find Russian female friends abroad, Russian stores and restaurants, Russian speaking employers.

This fact and modern technologies help them to stay in touch with their culture, along with improving English skills and adapting to the western society. They’re talented, and they succeed!



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